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We Do It In The Dark

The Black (and Green) Sheep of Society
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Ph34r teh gr33n sh33p!!1!

Nibble is sleeping with your wife as you read this!! -Jimbo abusing his mod powers
"friends", .hack, adult swim, agnosticism, alienware, anarchy, angelina jolie, anime, ann rice, annoying our roommates, armor, art, ascension suspension, astrology, baldur's gate, barenaked ladies, bastard, battle royale, bdsm, belly dancing, bidi's, body piercings, bois, boobies, boondock saints, breasts, brew pub, buffy, bunnies, c&c, caffeine, candyass, cartoon network, chainmail, chatrooms, cheese things, cheesesticks, clove cigarettes, communism, computers, cowboy bebop, cross-dressing, d&d, david bowie, ddr, diablo, dr pepper, dr. bentley, drawing, driving, eastern faith traditions, edgefest, el camino, erotic fantasy art, escaflone, evangelion, excel saga, family guy, fark, fencing, fighter practice, final fantasy, fluxx, free condoms, gamecube, garfield, gothic, grady, grand outlandish, green chile, green sheep, halo, harvey danger, hentai, hot topic, inuyasha, invader zim, kegstands, labyrinth, laden swallows, lan parties, land yachts, lapdances, lestat, m mountain, manties, mardi gras, marijuana, mary, meditation, menchi, moose kisses, motorcycles, mountains, music, narnia/lewis, nocturnalism, orgies, peer pressure, photon, pink floyd, pole dancing, porn, ps2, punk, ramen, ranma 1/2, renaissance, robotics, rocky horror picture show, roleplay, rolling stones, ruth, sca, smirnoff ice, snow, socialism, st. golias, starbucks, starcraft, stone temple pilots, street racing, sunsets, super nintendo, surfing the net, swisher sweets, tarot, tattoos, techno, teresa, tetris, the black knight, the doors, the eagles, the endless coffee, the nightmare before christmas, the opposite sex, the princess bride, the who, tna, tolkien/lotr, transvestite preservation society, trigun, unladen swallows, vampires, video games, voodoo, warcraft, xbox