flainn (flainn) wrote in thegreensheeps,

Looking for a job?

The EMRTC IT department is looking to fill two positions.

One is most likely a staff (full benefits) position, performing IT work in
Playas, NM at least 30 hours per week. My understanding is that you would
be able to either commute from Socorro or live in Playas; rent in Playas is
very cheap ($250-$300/mo for a 3-bedroom 2-bath house, last time I checked)
as it is subsidized by New Mexico Tech.

The other is a student position here at EMRTC in Socorro. Duties would
likely include help desk (tier-1) support, cabling, purchase orders, various
projects, etc. Pay dependent upon your experience; $8/hr minimum for those with IT
experience. Flexible work schedule.

Contact me via comment or at matthew dot mccleary at gmail dot com.
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