Matthew McCleary (harleynmt) wrote in thegreensheeps,
Matthew McCleary

Keep the "M" on the Mountain!

Dr. Van Romero, NMT Vice President of Research and Economic Development, has proposed changing the "M" on the mountain to a "T" in an effort to modernize New Mexico Tech's image.

I urge you to let Dr. Romero know how you feel about the proposed change. Email him at vromero at admin dot nmt dot edu or give him a call at 575-835-5646.
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The proposal to change M Mountain to "T Mountain" is quite possibly the worst public-relations idea I have heard from this school's administration in my 6 years at Tech. The purported justification, "to better fit [NMT] culture", is utterly bogus. The "M" is an integral part of this college's culture, and to propose a change that violates the mountain's history while claiming to /celebrate/ the mountain's 100 years can only be described as backwards. Improve access, by all means, but do not change the "M".