Atomdrache (rexar) wrote in thegreensheeps,

Room opening (504 Fitch)

skitzycat and zippiner have moved out of the house and gone to Albuquerque, and baphijmm has relocated into a different room in the house. This leaves an opening in baphijmm's old room. I have taken over the lease, and I'm looking for somebody to take the room, preferably somebody who is at least a little familiar with the sort of people who hang around here and can stand their presence. In particular, if any dorm students want to save a shitload of money and not have to put up with RAs, hall meetings, or being unable to have a bag of tortillas last a week before the Core Fungus of South Hall turns them into inedible mycology experiments, this might be your thing. The room's $190/month plus utilities.
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