flainn (flainn) wrote in thegreensheeps,

NMT PAS Facebook spam

I'd like to know if you've been spammed by the Performing Arts Series (PAS) with a Facebook request.

I have two email addresses listed in Banweb, and interestingly enough both of them were spammed this afternoon.

I've replied to the reply-to address (passtudent@admin.nmt.edu) demanding an explanation.

I got a reply from Ronna Kalish herself:


I'm sorry for the "spam." We were trying to send an email only to people
on the NMT Facebook group, so we can inform students about the shows at
Macey Center and start a student dialogue. We didn't realize Facebook
would send an email to the entire list. I apologize. We won't email
you again.


What I don't get about this, though, is: I don't even have an account on Facebook. Therefore PAS must somehow be harvesting email addresses from Banweb. I'm not happy about it.
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