Magister (discreet_chaos) wrote in thegreensheeps,

APB: Stolen Bike

Hey Everybody,

I know that I haven't been very active in this community or on Livejournal in general for quite a while, but I could use all of your extra eyes, so I hope that you don't mind this plea.

Most likely yesterday (Thursday) or possibly late on Wednesday night, somebody stole my daughter's (unlocked) bike from my front porch on School of Mines.

It's an orange (street sign orange?), 24", "Specialized" mountain bike with a water bottle holder and a headlight. Of course, either the headlight or the holder could've been tossed along with the clear plastic, "I Survived the Chile" water bottle, but that's what it had when it left my porch.

I'd appreciate everyone keeping their eyes open and I'll monitor this space. A report has been been filed with Socorro PD; I've also mentioned it to everyone on the night crew with Campus Security and at least one deputy has been notified. If anyone were to see it, if it's abandoned and you'd like to recover it, you could return it to Karl at the bike shop and of course, if you were to see someone riding it, please notify the city police or one of the other law enforcement agencies.

Thanks in advance and your help is greatly appreciated.
Nothing breaks a kid's heart like having something stolen.
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