flainn (flainn) wrote in thegreensheeps,

Roommate wanted

(available August 1)

Three-bedroom, two-bath house in Luis Lopez, about ten miles south of Socorro on Hwy 1. Quiet location in the middle of farmland. Wood stove, swamp cooler.

I can bike to town in 45 minutes or it's a 12-minute drive.

I have one cat and no dogs. My three year old son visits two evenings per week and every other weekend, and he occupies the smallest bedroom.

Either the master bedroom and bath or the middle-sized bedroom is available. There is a decent amount of storage space in the house and there is a large fenced yard, and plenty of room for vehicles.

Rent is $275/mo plus half utilities (propane, water, electricity). Heating is primarily with wood; there is a propane heater but due to the cost of propane ($3.40+ per gallon) I avoid using it -- didn't fire it up a single time last winter.

Please respond here or call me at 575-418-1788 (cell) or 575-835-5368 (work).
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