flainn (flainn) wrote in thegreensheeps,

NES and SNES power supplies

I got an NES and an SNES at a yard sale this weekend, but missing the power supply for each.

Anyone got either power supply they'd like to sell? The NES one is a 9 VAC negative-tip (doesn't really matter which the tip is since it's AC), and the SNES one is 9 VDC negative tip with a larger connector.
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For the SNES anyway, the adapter's stats are:

Input: AC120V, 60Hz, 17W
Output: 10V, 850mA

The outer portion of the connector to the unit is positive, while the inner is negative.

(I'd sell you mine, but I still use it regularly. ^^; )
If I could figure out what its connector type is, I could probably scare up a power supply that would give me that, but it's a strange (overlarge) connector. It looks like I may be stuck just buying one off eBay.
Ach, you're right; I hadn't looked before, but the connector is a strange o-type with a pin in the middle. Not sure if you can find that anywhere. :/
Come to think of it, it looks similar to the connector on my ThinkPad T60. I'll see tonight if it's the same.
Turns out it's more like a certain Dell laptop power supply connector; it's got a smaller central pin than the ThinkPad power supplies. I did some hardware hacking and got the SNES working — but have now discovered I don't have a working controller.
Take the SNES to radio shack, their adjustable power supplies (with interchangeable tips) are likely to have you covered or be able to.
I actually found a Dell laptop power supply that was no longer needed, cut the connector off it, and then mated that to my universal power supply. Works like a charm.

...but then I discovered that the one SNES controller I have doesn't work. :(
A dig through Lavelle's box-o-powerbricks may prove fruitful.
Already done; I ended up hacking a Dell laptop connector onto a universal power supply and that worked with a bit of wiggling.