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Keep the "M" on the Mountain! [14 Apr 2010|02:37pm]

Dr. Van Romero, NMT Vice President of Research and Economic Development, has proposed changing the "M" on the mountain to a "T" in an effort to modernize New Mexico Tech's image.

I urge you to let Dr. Romero know how you feel about the proposed change. Email him at vromero at admin dot nmt dot edu or give him a call at 575-835-5646.
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Room opening (504 Fitch) [30 Oct 2009|06:59pm]

skitzycat and zippiner have moved out of the house and gone to Albuquerque, and baphijmm has relocated into a different room in the house. This leaves an opening in baphijmm's old room. I have taken over the lease, and I'm looking for somebody to take the room, preferably somebody who is at least a little familiar with the sort of people who hang around here and can stand their presence. In particular, if any dorm students want to save a shitload of money and not have to put up with RAs, hall meetings, or being unable to have a bag of tortillas last a week before the Core Fungus of South Hall turns them into inedible mycology experiments, this might be your thing. The room's $190/month plus utilities.
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Looking for a job? [23 Jan 2009|01:09pm]

The EMRTC IT department is looking to fill two positions.

One is most likely a staff (full benefits) position, performing IT work in
Playas, NM at least 30 hours per week. My understanding is that you would
be able to either commute from Socorro or live in Playas; rent in Playas is
very cheap ($250-$300/mo for a 3-bedroom 2-bath house, last time I checked)
as it is subsidized by New Mexico Tech.

The other is a student position here at EMRTC in Socorro. Duties would
likely include help desk (tier-1) support, cabling, purchase orders, various
projects, etc. Pay dependent upon your experience; $8/hr minimum for those with IT
experience. Flexible work schedule.

Contact me via comment or at matthew dot mccleary at gmail dot com.
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Food drive at the Cap [12 Dec 2008|02:25pm]

Saturday from noon to midnight they'll be a food drive to help the Socorro food bank at The Capitol Bar. All day long they'll be having live local music and free posole. Around 4 in the afternoon I'll be helping to run a Guitar Hero contest there as well. So stop on by to help out with canned or nonperishable food donations. Show off your Guitar Hero skills or just enjoy the music.
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Playas [08 Nov 2008|01:16pm]

ABC's weekend GMA did Playas and the video made it onto Yahoo's homepage. Of course, NMT is only briefly mentioned and the rest doesn't have anything to do with Socorro, but since it's been relatively quiet in this community for a while, I thought that I'd share a link.
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NMT PAS Facebook spam [22 Sep 2008|03:37pm]

I'd like to know if you've been spammed by the Performing Arts Series (PAS) with a Facebook request.

I have two email addresses listed in Banweb, and interestingly enough both of them were spammed this afternoon.

I've replied to the reply-to address (passtudent@admin.nmt.edu) demanding an explanation.

I got a reply from Ronna Kalish herself:


I'm sorry for the "spam." We were trying to send an email only to people
on the NMT Facebook group, so we can inform students about the shows at
Macey Center and start a student dialogue. We didn't realize Facebook
would send an email to the entire list. I apologize. We won't email
you again.


What I don't get about this, though, is: I don't even have an account on Facebook. Therefore PAS must somehow be harvesting email addresses from Banweb. I'm not happy about it.
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Lost/Found: SOG PowerLock multitool [17 Sep 2008|05:06pm]

Last seen: Approximately 11AM, in the campus post office.

If seen, email or comment here.
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tango [06 Sep 2008|01:38pm]

As some of you know, I used to dance a lot of Argentine tango, and have been missing it here at Tech. However, over the years I've grokked that there are a few people around here interested in learning this fantabulous dance. Last weekend I went to a big tango festival, and totally rediscovered my love of it. So I'm trying to see who all would be potentially interested if I was to put together an informal beginner class type thing, and when they might be available.

A friend of mine has danced in the past, and has agreed to help me teach since it's much easier to each if you have a lead AND a follow to demonstrate with.

So if you have any interest in learning tango, post here or email me at isis.lyman@gmail.com

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yard sale [30 Jul 2008|11:59am]

My household is having a yard sale along with minemole and icashizzle's household this saturday, 8/2. At their house, on Evergreen. There will be signs. Starts at 8am, lotsa stuff. Come check it out!
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boxes [28 Jul 2008|12:51pm]

Does anyone out there have any reasonably sturdy cardboard boxes lying around? We could use some.
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free futon [28 Jul 2008|12:00pm]

Offered for free to a good home:

Silver futon frame, kind of deco style. Has a few issues, doesn't like to stay folded up very effectively, but still works as a couch/bed. Green velvety-covered futon mattress goes with it, not top-of-the-line but quite functional. Will be posted on freecycle if nobody on here wants it ^_^

Post here, email isis.lyman@gmail.com, or call 575.418.8182.
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CS/IT 353 Textbook [17 Jul 2008|12:03pm]

Can anyone tell me what the textbook is (or is likely to be) for CS/IT 353 this fall? A query of the NMT online bookstore failed to produce anything, and all my Google-fu managed to turn up was a "permission denied" error on the CS353 homepage. Couldn't get a cached copy of it either.

Oh, it's being taught by Soliman, if that helps any.
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gggrowing [13 Jul 2008|11:53pm]
I am a supporter of everything and anything 420. Medicinal for medical purposes especially. Many people in the family have had terrible illnesses and some have found great relief with medicinal marijuana.

If you are interested in it like I am, check out this website. best grow info on the web.


xposted for support
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APB: Stolen Bike [11 Jul 2008|06:29am]

Hey Everybody,

I know that I haven't been very active in this community or on Livejournal in general for quite a while, but I could use all of your extra eyes, so I hope that you don't mind this plea.

Most likely yesterday (Thursday) or possibly late on Wednesday night, somebody stole my daughter's (unlocked) bike from my front porch on School of Mines.

It's an orange (street sign orange?), 24", "Specialized" mountain bike with a water bottle holder and a headlight. Of course, either the headlight or the holder could've been tossed along with the clear plastic, "I Survived the Chile" water bottle, but that's what it had when it left my porch.

I'd appreciate everyone keeping their eyes open and I'll monitor this space. A report has been been filed with Socorro PD; I've also mentioned it to everyone on the night crew with Campus Security and at least one deputy has been notified. If anyone were to see it, if it's abandoned and you'd like to recover it, you could return it to Karl at the bike shop and of course, if you were to see someone riding it, please notify the city police or one of the other law enforcement agencies.

Thanks in advance and your help is greatly appreciated.
Nothing breaks a kid's heart like having something stolen.
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NMT admin text messages [25 Jun 2008|09:16am]

I got a letter this morning in my snailmailbox from the NMT administration, asking me to log into Banner and provide a cell phone number so they can send me text messages in the event of an emergency.

It's an interesting idea, but I can think of a couple of problems. This is going to be of very limited use for EMRTC employees: we have no cell phone reception in the EMRTC building whatsoever, and we are not allowed to take our cell phones out in the field lab.

The letter states that cell phone numbers will be kept in a secure location (yeah, we all know ISD's track record on security) and will not be used for any purpose other than emergency notification. Numbers supposedly will never be shared with third parties. Just like email addresses never are, and campus post office boxes never are.

I'll pass, thanks.
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Roommate wanted [17 Jun 2008|03:27pm]

(available August 1)

Three-bedroom, two-bath house in Luis Lopez, about ten miles south of Socorro on Hwy 1. Quiet location in the middle of farmland. Wood stove, swamp cooler.

I can bike to town in 45 minutes or it's a 12-minute drive.

I have one cat and no dogs. My three year old son visits two evenings per week and every other weekend, and he occupies the smallest bedroom.

Either the master bedroom and bath or the middle-sized bedroom is available. There is a decent amount of storage space in the house and there is a large fenced yard, and plenty of room for vehicles.

Rent is $275/mo plus half utilities (propane, water, electricity). Heating is primarily with wood; there is a propane heater but due to the cost of propane ($3.40+ per gallon) I avoid using it -- didn't fire it up a single time last winter.

Please respond here or call me at 575-418-1788 (cell) or 575-835-5368 (work).
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NES and Super NES [30 May 2008|10:20am]

Does anyone have the following they'd like to sell or simply get rid of:

  • Contra for NES

  • Double Dragon for NES

  • Bubble Bobble for NES

  • Controller(s) for SNES

Name your terms and let's talk.
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Obama in Las Cruces Monday [22 May 2008|08:41pm]

I heard on KUNM this evening that Barack Obama will be hosting a campaign rally in Las Cruces this coming Monday, Memorial Day. Anyone interested in going? I'm happy to provide transportation but I'd appreciate help with gas.
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NES and SNES power supplies [20 May 2008|01:40pm]

I got an NES and an SNES at a yard sale this weekend, but missing the power supply for each.

Anyone got either power supply they'd like to sell? The NES one is a 9 VAC negative-tip (doesn't really matter which the tip is since it's AC), and the SNES one is 9 VDC negative tip with a larger connector.
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ISD firewall [14 May 2008|03:54pm]

Last night's storm fried ISD's firewall. That's why there's no Internet on campus.

I heard there might be some Internet out West somewhere, though.

Edit 4:50pm: Back now. This was outage number two today; no idea how long until the next one.
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